Thursday, December 07, 2006

The observer

The observer
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The observer.

Drawing flowers around the holes on my refill pad.
The talking in the classroom is like the muffled sounds of a TV.
Outside the planes drone across the sky,
The breeze gently blows the curtain and stirs the still air,
Here I am again, standing outside my self as if I’m an observer,
I watch my self like a child looks at something he is unsure of.
My eyes seem dull and have turned form blue grey to steel blue,
I want to walk over and sit next to me, I see a tear drop as I look out the window to the setting sun.
The bottle on the sill catches the afternoon light and spreads fragmented colors across the page in front of me, my finger touches it as if to see if its tangible and I start to write, and I write and I write until the page is covered with words and color.
It seems so simple but I can see the marvel in my eyes.
It’s only a moment but now its written I will always remember the observer.


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