Monday, September 25, 2006

post card

post card
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post card

post card
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Post card.

I’m sitting on the beach you should have seen the sunrise this morning.
I was thinking of you and couldn’t sleep; I walked to the beach as the morning light took the edge of the darkness.
I wasn’t thinking too much about the sunrises so it took me by surprise as I sat down in the dunes.

It’s crisp blue this morning, I’m wearing those bell-bottom blue jeans, big brown belt and those old leather jandels, yeah! Them? And a thick black woolen jersey that zips up to my chin. It feels so snug, kind of like your sitting behind me with your arms wrapped around my shoulder

The swell is about 3 foot, a light offshore breeze is blowing spray off the waves as the dawn light turns them sort of jade and blue, its a perfect size for you .
A few seagulls just flew across the huge rising sun; it looks like some sort of 1970’s surfers T –shirt graphic.
As the light starts to move and colors change every few seconds is like turning pages in a beautiful seascape calendar,

Alone dog walks between the low tide reflections of colour leaveing only his soft prints that slowly dissolve as if he was only spirit
…”Yeah I’m having a moment it so beautiful.”
Ok, must Leg it out of here before the world wakes, there are so many reason I cant stay.
Ill leaves you here in the dunes with my memories of this last morning this place and this sunrise,
you going to have to unwrap those arms now.