Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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The storm is raging and I’ve run so far on this black sand that the small beach town is now only a dim distant light.
Whitewater, seaweed and driftwood swirl around my feet as ocean waves battle the land for territory.
All I can feel is the drifting ocean spray mixed with driving rain and tears against my face.

Running; I let my arms hang by my side and hold them out just a little as if to fly, while leaning into the wind
I turn my face skywards to feel the rain and notice the storm front above moving over me like a prowling black cat.

I slowly stop , it seems all of creations is screaming at me.
I sit in the sand running my hands through my soaked hair,
I look out to sea and call………
I put my head between my knees.

I listen….

Again I call… “it has to be now”!!
Moments go by and I hear my heart beat slow and by breathing settle.

I can still feel the rain on my face but behind this dune it’s soft like fingers tips touching my cheek.
The wind now dulled by my shelter I hear the ocean so clear, like thousands of voices speaking in the same tone.

I listen…

Beside me the grass reeds softly blowing touch my hand as if to get my attention.
I raise my head to catch the sun making a last effort to touch the southern sky spraying orange and yellow against a jet-black horizon.

And I listen …

Sunday, June 11, 2006

rivers of tears

rivers of tears
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