Thursday, March 29, 2007


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ALL I am is my integrity all I have is the values that I hold,
When I let them evaporate I feel like a young child needing love, to be held and told its ok.
I Wanna wake and feel free, I want my decisions to form who am, who Ill become.
I want to be held in loving esteem rather than having silver or gold.
I want is to live with purpose, to serve, to dream, to hope.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The observer

The observer
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The observer.

Drawing flowers around the holes on my refill pad.
The talking in the classroom is like the muffled sounds of a TV.
Outside the planes drone across the sky,
The breeze gently blows the curtain and stirs the still air,
Here I am again, standing outside my self as if I’m an observer,
I watch my self like a child looks at something he is unsure of.
My eyes seem dull and have turned form blue grey to steel blue,
I want to walk over and sit next to me, I see a tear drop as I look out the window to the setting sun.
The bottle on the sill catches the afternoon light and spreads fragmented colors across the page in front of me, my finger touches it as if to see if its tangible and I start to write, and I write and I write until the page is covered with words and color.
It seems so simple but I can see the marvel in my eyes.
It’s only a moment but now its written I will always remember the observer.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

No space between right and wrong.

There is no space between what’s right and wrong.

We choose to care or not care for the poor
we chooses to serve self or God.
We choose to attack or be passive
We choose to speak out or be silent
We choose too love or destroy.

There is no space between right and and wrong to stuff our justification?


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Its 4 am and I wake restless.
I step outside light a smoke and exhale as I look skyward.

Everything stops!
My thoughts, my breath, my heart.!

Above the stars of the Southern Cross fill the sky and burn like torchlights flickering in an evening breeze.

Its the first night of summer and these sky’s call me to remember,

Aotearoa , Aotearo, Aotearoa

I’m home, I belong.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

loose people

loose people
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The Public are just loosely walking around and totally Unhinged

Jesus freak with the fish and Jesus sticker on the car, you might think ya gonna live forever but some of us are a little unsure of our destiny, so slow the F#@k down

Huge protein munch-in gym buff in that little convertible, The worlds not a toyshop your all grown up now .

Little guy driving the huge hummer (armed personal carrier) 99% of people are not thinking how good you look but wondering where your head is at.

You with the outfit!! Either dress well or dress down, in the middle is no place to be.

Chinese people!! Walking backwards down the street, (unwinding} umm!
And the public pools, lanes are for swimming not thai-chi.

Gangster boy showing crack in those low Baggies jeans, it leads to smoking crack dude.

Ok enough. you in the gym changing rooms! Its not a Roman bath ya can’t just sit there letting it dangle, it ain’t right

Low rider! Its not ok dude to drive diagonally cross judder bars, {road humps} did you snort the white center line up you nose?

Girl in my university class, how is everything related to your child hood in Japan, your European and white move on, please Move on !.

Road rage guy, keep your toy the sand pit and that dummie {pacifier} in you mouth. Yeah Im lookin at you.

If all the off roaders were off the road there would be a lot more room on the road

If all you girls went to the toilets in a bar without your friends , the line would be half as long.

Worlds colliding and its knocking me side ways.
But dam it feel good to be a gangster !

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Up town clubs and street life, chemicals running through my veins …
I Watch the drag queens and listen to the hum of clubs and creation moving ,Flesh looking for flesh fulled with drugs and longing desire and loneness all mixed together sounding like thousand of voices wailing in grief.
It’s the sound of love looking for itself an unable to find the cure for the burning that turns the bright eyes of seeking youth into dark pools of lust.
Innate Longing claws inside us and burns like oil wells.
From the cradle to the grave it can never be satisfied or quenched, only channeled.
No one is exempt!

Friday, November 03, 2006


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How could I be this far and forget to keep walking
How could I brethe and forget to breath deep
How could I play guitar and forget to keep playing

How could I forget where to run when the sky’s this grey
How could I forget the ocean when it’s all I’ve known
How could I forget the way when Ive been here before

How could I forget to remember
How could I forget to forget
How could I forget to forgive

How could I forget to breth?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


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Everything as it should be,
No day in the wrong place, no moment in the wrong moment.
every breath given you before it was given, no wrong directions or choices,
Just grace.
No feeling untold. Every cloud every inch the sun moves in the sky and every ripple on an ocean, as it should be
. Every drop of rain that falls on your head as each step imprints in thousands of grains of sand, the gentle breeze that hits your face as ocean gulls cry, everything as it should be, Grace.
No lonely day with tears or simple smiles out of place, everything, as it should be,
Just as it should be.